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葉京樺博⼠ | ⻝尚博⼠
(Dr. Dillon Yeap PhD. | Dr. Gourmet)

Dr. Dillon Yeap PhD. (Dr. Gourmet) is a distinguished figure in the culinary world and a standout in the realm of gastronomy, renowned for his exceptional contributions to promoting culinary culture and advancing the food and beverage industry.

With over 10 years of experience, he has successfully owned and managed 17 restaurants, central kitchens, and 9 F&B brands, showcasing remarkable entrepreneurial and managerial capabilities.

As a culinary advocate, he is dedicated to spreading and promoting culinary culture, employing the “Triple Win and Five Altogether” approach to integrate resources and foster the development of the F&B industry.

With his exceptional talent and leadership, Dr. Dillon Yeap has exerted a profound influence in the culinary world. His dedication and contributions have not only gained recognition within the F&B industry but have also played a vital role in the preservation and development of culinary culture, offering people new discoveries and experiences in the realm of gastronomy.

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Introduction to F&B Resources Alliance (FRA)

🍽 FRA is an organization dedicated to promoting collaboration and development in the food and beverage industry. We bring together restaurant owners, food companies, and various components of the food supply chain to establish a robust ecosystem, optimizing resources and fostering win-win cooperation.

🤝 Our mission is to Promote collaborative development in the food and beverage industry through the core values of “Triple Win and Five Altogether.”
We encourage collaboration between restaurant owners, suppliers, and our platform to achieve collective prosperity.

🌍 Our vision is to Discovery of global intangible cultural heritage food and foster the development of culinary culture.
We cast our gaze worldwide, committed to preserving and developing culinary culture, unearthing the unique charm of intangible culinary treasures.

Connecting Industry Associations, SMEs, and Governments:
🤝 FRA collaborates with industry associations, leaders, and governments to provide enterprises with insights into emerging trends and opportunities while facilitating access to government support to foster capacity development and growth.

*Inspiring Innovation, Enhancing Capabilities:
💡 We strive to enhance productivity for our members and empower small and medium-sized enterprises to lead industry innovation, fostering competitive advantages. Through innovation, collaboration, and internationalization, we explore new opportunities.

Guiding Principles:
✨ Establish Asia as a premier international shopping destination for Asian and global tourists.
✨ Cultivate strong recognition of retail and franchise brands in the global market.
✨ Foster Asian retail and franchise expansion in Asia and globally through partnerships with Asian allies.
✨ Provide education and employment opportunities to impart knowledge and elevate quality of life.

FRA’s Resources:
🌐 One F&B Ecosystem
🏢 Three Main Areas: Business Development, International Expansion, and Community Development
📚 Nine Key Blocks: Culture & Creativity, Brand & Public Relations, Marketing & Promotion, Media & Events, Education & Training, Management & Talent, Technology & Research, Government & International, Finance & Industry.

FRA Member Benefits:

enjoy abundant benefits

🎁 Join FRA as a member and enjoy abundant benefits. As an FRA member, we provide you with professional support and opportunities, propelling your restaurant business to new heights!

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Trade & Investment Opportunity

Participate in seminars, explore trade and investment opportunities.

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Finding Business Partners

Through business meetings, it will help you find the ideal business partner.

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Company Roadshows

You can conduct company roadshows, attracting more investors and collaborators.

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Meeting With F&B Expert

Engage in regular exchanges with F&B experts, gaining industry insights & experiences.

Foodie Club

Malaysia TOP Heritage Gourmet Award

The IBF “World Heritage Gourmet” food platform is designed to enable the local food and beverage ecosystem to be more prosperous and to enhance the competitiveness and corporate sustainability of the food and beverage industry.

You will be shortlisted by the gourmet club if you are qualified for the Malaysia TOP Heritage Gourmet Award.

What will you get if you are qualified?

What benefit can you get?

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IBF Foodie Club

World TOP Heritage Gourmet Award

The World TOP Heritage Gourmet Award will be reviewed after it has been shortlisted for the Malaysia TOP Heritage Gourmet Award.

Your food will be graded without you knowing. Successful participants will be notified.
Our panel of judges includes 3-star Michelin chefs, celebrity chefs, and outstanding restaurateurs from various countries!

What will you get if you are qualified?

What benefit can you get?

In addition, the winners of the World TOP Heritage Gourmet Award will be invited to attend the IBES event for two days.
There will be 50-100 overseas investors at the IBES event, and they will invest if they think it is worth it. A total of $3 million worth of investment will be waiting for you!
You can do business matching and roadshows on the spot to attract prospective investors!
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Malaysia Top Gourmet Award

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